Zombie Catchers Mod Apk Hack (Unlimited Money) 2022

Gone are the days when people were afraid of zombies. Yes, the same blood-sucking zombies that were the root of terror. But that is not the case anymore because Zombie Catchers Mod Apk takes you to a distant future where you dominate and zombies run away from you.

game overview

Zombie Catcher Mod Apk

Are you tired of playing games where you run from zombies because they are running after you? If yes, then say no more, because this game is going to change everyone’s game.

This is a fun action game where you are the boss and you will catch the zombies. In short, you will play the role of a futuristic zombie hunter. Your task in this game is to catch as many zombies as possible, while making a profit from it.

And how do you make profits? By using these captured corpses in your delicious recipes. Yes, you can make juices, shakes and food items from these zombies. You are an alien and you have to clean the earth and other planets from these zombies.

There is no need to harm the zombies when you are catching them in this zombie catcher game because you can use different traps and tranquilizers to make them fall into your trap.

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Android is required

4.4 and up


Shape 72.8MB
ratings 4+
modified 8 November 2022
grade Play
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Zombie Catcher Gameplay

Zombie Catcher Mod Apk

Zombie Catchers Mod Apk

In the distant future, Earth has been infested with zombies but 2 aliens decide to deal with them. They are here to catch all these zombies and make a fortune out of them inside this zombie catcher mod app.

Their business depends on these zombies. So the more zombies you have, the more ingredients they can use to make delicious foods. And their main task is to make their food world famous. Catch zombies with different weapons and traps and experiment with them while making some delicious foods.

Features of Zombie Catcher

zombie catchers

zombie catchers

Below are some amazing features of this game, so don’t forget to check them out.

catch the corpse

In a lot of other zombie games, you see they dominate and as a player you have to run from them. But the case is different here in this Zombie Catchers Mod Apk. Here you have to use different tricks and bait to catch the zombies and lock them in your locker.

Use traps and bait

You don’t need to use violence in this game to capture zombies. Instead, you will be given various weapons and traps that you can use. You can trap them using their favorite foods, such as warm brains and liquid blood, and when they come out of their pores, you can catch them using various sleeping tranquilizers.

Use a zombie catcher drone

You also have the availability of different drones in this game. These drones help you catch different zombies. Since you will be busy running your food business, you can send a drone to do the catching work for you.

Make delicious food and dishes

As your characters are famous businessmen running a food business, the zombies they catch use them in their various meals. You can make different types of juices. You can also cook different foods and use these zombie parts as ingredients. And if people love them, you can easily make profits.

zombies with escape habits

Not all zombies are weak. There are different types of zombies with different skills. Some zombies are very good at running away and some can fight back very strongly. Some are very intelligent so they are very difficult to catch. You have to deal with them all.


One thing I haven’t discussed above is that you can unlock more locations in the game by capturing more zombies. You can also take control of the lands after capturing the zombies. There are many more things in this Zombie Catchers mod app that you can explore after downloading. So download this game now and enjoy.

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