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1. Mail – Wowpedia – Your Wiki Guide to World of Warcraft Not %20other%20items%20or%20gold

2. Cannot send gold or items to other kingdoms or factions …

Gold and items cannot be sent to other kingdoms or clans … Account binding items that can be sent to characters in the same account. even across the kingdom

3. How to Submit a Blizzard Account Bind List – Blizzard Support

To send mail across kingdoms You must enter the character name, the hyphen “-“, and the server name without spaces: Character-RealmName. Formatting…

4. Can you send the Gold Cross Kingdom? : wownoob – Reddit

Can you send the Golden Cross Kingdom? from wownoob

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5. Letters Across the Kingdom | WoWWiki | Fandom

You can also send the BOA gear cross realm to groups … type the name of the character followed by a dash containing the server name … Vanilla WoW Wiki.

6. Call the mail! International mailing? – WoW Classic Error Report …

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7. Send BOA items across kingdoms? – World of Warcraft forums

On classic or retail servers if classic You can’t send crossrealm anything, for retail it should work if you type like this, for example Matts…

8. Can you send gold across kingdoms and factions? –

You can’t send gold or items to characters in realms or other factions, only … can you send cross-server email in WoW Classic?

9. Cross-Server BOA Sending – WoW General – Wowhead …

To send mail across kingdoms You must enter a character name. followed by the hyphen “-“ followed by the name of the kingdom without spaces across the realm …

10. Can I transfer stuff from one kingdom to another? – Dalaran-WoW

Can I send items from one character to another? … If the default scope of the server is Korin Tor and you join and buy donation points and send it there and search …

11. Send gold across the kingdom? | XPOff

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12. Transfer of Gold or Items across Realms – MMO-Champion

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