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How to Use “Care of” or C/O in Addresses

How to use "Care of" or C/O in an address - CardsDirect Blog

2. How do I specify the email address “In care of”? – Frequently Asked Questions | USPS


Mail forwarding using this format will be forwarded to the new c/o personal or corporate address. (address in envelope)

3. How to Use C/O When Writing Letters – Profit


When writing a letter, c/o means “to take care of.” It is used when the person receiving the letter usually does not receive the letter from the address. that people generally use…

4. How to Write a Name Tag in C/O – Compensation


Letters sent with the letter c/o in an address are sent “in custody” of another person, meaning that the post office should deliver the letter to that person or entity …

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Below that, write a C/O, which stands for “Care Of,” a colon, followed by the name and mailing address of the person or company responsible for sending the letter.

7. c/o – Wiktionary


Editing notes · Care of, often abbreviated as c/o on envelopes, refers to the intermediary responsible for the transfer of mail between the postal …

8. c/o | Definitions from the title of the letter | Mail – Longman Dictionary


c/o on Mail by Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English | LDOCE | What you need to know about Mail: Words, Phrases & Idioms | Letter.

9. C/o Meaning and Meaning | Collins English Dictionary


You write c/o before the address on the envelope when you send it to someone who lives or works at that address. Often just for a short time c/o is …

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The generic abbreviation is “c/o”, which means “in care of” … The first line of the “To” address field is not a regular mailer at …

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