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1. Portal | Definition of Portal by Merriam-Webster


(Item 1 of 3) 1: Particular entrance door: Grand or majestic 2: All architectural elements surrounding and including the church’s doors and terraces 3: Entrance or entrance to a bridge or tunnel.

2. Portal | Cambridge English Dictionary Meaning


any comments The examples do not represent the opinions of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

3. What does a portal mean? – Definitions.net


entrance, entrance, or entrance to the local library gate of knowledge Etymology: from portale, from porta portal (noun). The website acts as…

4. Portal | Definition of a Portal Dictionary.com


Definitions of a portal, gate, gate, or entrance, especially its grand appearance for … First recorded 1605–15, portal comes from the Middle Latin word portālis of a gate … Why do “left” and “right” mean? To liberals and conservatives?

5. Portal Definition | 28 Best Portal Definition – Your Dictionary


What does portal mean? The definition of a portal is a gateway or other item (noun). An example of a portal is a door into a room.

6. What is a portal? – Definition from WhatIs.com


Portal is a term that is synonymous with gateway. For World Wide Web sites that are or … the term portal area is used to refer to the total number of major sites …

7. Portal | Definition of Portal by Oxford Dictionary on Lexico.com …


What is the meaning of the portal? What is the meaning of the portal? How do you use portal in a sentence? What is the synonym for portal?

8. Definition and Meaning of Portal | Collins English Dictionary


Portal Definition: A portal is an impressive large doorway at the entrance to a building | Meaning, Pronunciation, Translation, and Examples.

9. Portal – Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com


A portal is a large and elegant door or entrance … fiction or fantasy. You may be familiar with the use of the term portal, meaning “gateway to another world.

10. Portal Definition – TechTerms


It explains the terminology to calculate what portal means. And it’s one of the many Internet terms in the TechTerms dictionary, all definitions about …

11. What is a portal? – Computer host


Portal · 1. A portal is a concept of a website or service that offers a wide range of services such as e-mail, games, quotes, search, news and stocks …

12. What does a portal mean? Meaning, meaning and sound …


The meaning of the portal in the dictionary AudioEnglish.org Portal definition What does portal mean? Proper use and pronunciation of sounds (including the IPA pronunciation …

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