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1. Email Marketing Services and Marketing Automation | Square …


Use Square email marketing to send automated email campaigns, special offers, newsletters, track campaigns, and more.

2. Get started with Square Marketing | Square Support Center – US


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3. Email Marketing Basics | Square


with email marketing You can measure the performance of your messaging based on metrics such as open rate, click-through rate and …

4. Get started with customer engagement | Support Square …


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5. Square Market Price | Square Support Center – US


If you have a small number of customers Or just want to send an occasional email? You may choose to pay $0.10 for each marketing email you send. Your management …

6. How to Get Started with Email Marketing in 8 Steps – Square


Bulk email marketing (sometimes called “Email bomb”) is a powerful tool that allows you to reach a large number of customers simultaneously to …

7. How to Drive and Track Sales with Email Marketing – Square


Track sales generated from marketing campaigns. When you send an email campaign (or post to Facebook) via Square Marketing, you …

8. How can customers unsubscribe from Square Marketing …


Unsubscribe from a Square Seller’s Marketing email · Click Manage Preferences at the bottom of …

9. Square Marketing FAQ | Square Support Center – US


Fill out, review and submit or schedule your campaign. Where can I find rewards using a customer’s email address? If you don’t see an option to search…

10. Everything You Need to Know About Email Marketing – Square


One of the best ways to connect with your customers is through email marketing. Here’s how to get started.

11. Using Campaign Automation | Square Support Center – US


Square Marketing allows you to set up automated campaigns. These are emails that are sent to customers continuously after just one setup. They are just …

12. Strategies for Building Your Email Marketing Client List – Square


Email list building can also be done offline. With the Square Point of Sale app, you can enable the email collection screen via Settings > …

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