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Do you want to know more about Spanish cuisine? Spanish cuisine has a lot to offer with its wide selection of food.

In different regions of Spain, you can taste many traditional and local dishes that are unique to that region. However, some dishes are popular throughout the country – including paella, which comes from the city of Valencia.

Here are 15 traditional Spanish dishes that you should try every now and then – or try making at home!

spanish tortilla

Tortilla Espaola, also known as Spanish omelette, is a traditional Spanish dish. This is one of Spain’s most classic dishes, usually ordered when eating tapas.

It’s an omelette made with potatoes, eggs, and sometimes onions to add flavor.


Crochet is a tapas classic. This is a dish that can be found in most tapas restaurants around the country.

Croquettes are round or oblong pieces that can be filled with meat, cheese or vegetables. The filling is breaded and deep-fried before serving.

Spanish food

Galician Octopus

If you love squid, this is a dish you just have to try.

Pulpo a la gallega is a traditional Galician dish made from fresh squid cooked to perfection with various spices.

This is both a comforting and refreshing Spanish dish!

Galician Octopus

rabo de toro

It is a Spanish dish famous among locals for its rich flavor. It is an oxtail stew that is very traditional in Spain.

The meat is usually served with diced and fried potatoes.

rabo de toro


Bacalao means cod in Spanish and is one of the most popular types of fish to eat. It is a fish that can be prepared in many different ways, but is usually fried or grilled.

It is especially popular to eat in northern Spain. It is also common to eat croquettes filled with baklao.

bisquian style code


Salmorejo is one of my favorite dishes from Spain that I usually make at home. It is a soup made of tomato, bread and garlic.

The soup is served cold with a boiled egg and air-dried ham.

This is a great dish for lunch or dinner – especially on hot summer days.


marinated potatoes

Patata Bravas is one of my favorite dishes when it comes to Spanish food. Serve good potatoes with a delicious and spicy chutney.

It is a popular tapas dish in Spain, served in most restaurants around the country.

marinated potatoes


Albondigas are Spanish meatballs, usually served on a deep plate with a nice tomato sauce. They can be eaten as a main course, as a tapas dish or as an appetizer.


Garlic chicken

Pollo al ajillo is a popular Andalusian dish that is usually served as a tapas dish. Today, however, pollo al ajillo is a beloved dish eaten all over the country.

The food is made from chicken marinated in garlic and various spices. This is a very tasty dish that you must try in Spain.

Garlic chicken


Paella is Spain’s most famous rice and seafood dish. Food gets its beautiful color and good taste from saffron and many other spices.

The food originated in the coastal city of Valencia, but today it is eaten throughout the country and on the Spanish islands.


shrimp scampi

When it comes to Spanish food, all you have to do is try gambas al ajillo. This is one of the most classic tapas dishes that can be ordered in a Spanish restaurant.

This dish is made from shrimp fried in oil, garlic and various spices. This is a very nice and tasty dish, especially if you love seafood.

Spanish food

Serrano ja Iberico Hami

This list of Spanish foods would not be complete without mentioning Jamón Iberico and Serrano. There are two types of air-dried hams from Spain, which can be bought in all grocery stores and ordered in Spanish restaurants.

The taste may vary slightly depending on the quality and storage time.

I can recommend the Watermelon Wrap in Serrano Ham – it’s a heavenly good and fresh combination!

Iberian Hamo


Gazpacho is another Spanish cold soup that you should try. It is made from tomatoes, bread and garlic and other vegetables such as onions, peppers and cucumbers.

This is a nice, refreshing and delicious soup. It can be served in a bowl or glass.

Spanish food

mallorquinsk tumbet

If you are on the beautiful island of Majorca, you must try Mallorcan tumbet. It is a traditional island dish made from potatoes, eggplants and peppers fried in olive oil.

This is a Spanish dish that can be found in most of Mallorca’s traditional restaurants.

mallorca tumbet

Fried octopus

Calamares Fritos is a traditional Spanish dish consisting of deep-fried squid rings.

It’s a popular appetizer and tapas dish in Spain that’s very tasty and also quite easy to make yourself.

Squid is usually served with a few lemon slices that you squeeze before eating.

Spanish food

Read more about Spanish cuisine

Seafood is a big part of Spanish cuisine and is eaten in most regions around the country. The most popular seafood dishes are paella, gambas al ajillo and calameras fritos.

Spanish cooking uses a lot of potatoes, onions, garlic, tomatoes, rice, olive oil, Spanish cheese and meat.

Each region of Spain has its own specialties, which makes Spain a great country when it comes to food.

more spanish dishes

In addition to the dishes I have mentioned, there are many other Spanish dishes that are worth tasting. Here are more suggestions for Spanish food to try in Spain:

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Spanish food

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