Retro Goal Mod Apk Download Unlocked (Unlimited Money)

Do you have a cheap mobile phone that prevents you from playing quality games? If yes then you are at the right place because today I will discuss about a game which will be best for people with low-end mobile phones, the name of that game is Retro Goal Mod Apk, and by its name, you Can you guess what the game is about.

game overview

Retro Target Mod Apk

The game, Retro Goal Mod APK comes from the same developers who launched Retro Bowl and the new Star Soccer, so the game is quite familiar to those in the know. The only difference is that the game is based on the actual rules of football.

Yes, the retro goal game is an arcade style soccer game where you get the graphics of the old days with 16-bit pixelated graphics. But that doesn’t mean the game is of low quality, it’s just the graphics style.

The game can be played by 11 players and a variety of soccer games will be arranged for the player so that he can have a healthy competition. In Retro Goal Mod Apk, you will not only be playing physically on the ground, but all the back door deals and team management will be under you.

Additional Information



Android is required

4.1 and up


Shape 36 MB
ratings 4+
modified 5 November 2022
grade Play
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retro target gameplay

Retro Target Mod Apk

Retro Target Mod Apk

Football lovers will find this game very interesting as it contains realistic football gameplay. You will need to build your team from the set of players available keeping your finances in mind.

This will be your first test of how you manage your resources and choose the best player combination for your team. Afterwards, it’s your responsibility to train and upgrade these players and then jump into the field and play real football with them and lead them to glory.

Retro Target Features

retro target

retro target

After downloading Retro Goal Mod Apk, you will see many features, but here I will talk about some of them below.

go back to your childhood

Remember those old times when on video games we used to play 8 and 16-bit games, if you do this game will take you back to that time with its amazing but simple 16-bit pixel-style graphics.

10 free matches

At the beginning of the game you will be given 10 free matches and after that you can unlock matches according to your likes and dislikes. But the beauty of our modified version is that you get some free features and matches for free.

You can move players

Being the manager of your team you should know which player is performing in the game and which player is lacking. So those who are not needed in the team, you can release them and transfer them to other teams for new players.

manage and play

This game not only gives you a chance to manage your team and buy different assets for it, but you can get the real thrill of fighting on the soccer ground and playing it yourself. So here is the mix of 2 in one in this game.

buy more players

Initially, with limited funds, you can only buy certain players from available ones. So sometimes due to lack of money you miss your favorite player. In that case, you can later, but that player and others also after earning some money.

watch video gameplay


Not all light games are bad. Some are designed like this but very attractive to play with. It is the same with Retro Goal Mod Apk. Although it is a simple game, it is a quality game. So don’t miss it and download it now.

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