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1. Theory about everything (with beautiful pictures!) : Portal

theory about everything (with beautiful pictures) from portal

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2. Portal Theory (Both Games) – Discuss Scratch


What is your theory about Portal 2? It could be about Bring your Daughter to Work Day, Dough Rattmann, making GLaDOS, …

3. Portal | The Game Theorists Wiki | Fandom


Scary episode…for Halloween!

4. Plenty of theories and easter eggs[spoilers…[SPOILERS…][สปอยเลอร์…[SPOILERS…


Radio thought I’d start with a small theory first. In Portal 1 the radio can be found in the Aperture car park if you use ‘Impulse 101’…

5. Portal Theory – Theory – Google Sites


This theory is very convincing. but not official So this theory applies to every portal game. But the data was retrieved from the second game. Warning…

6. Portal: Chell’s Mysterious Background Explained | Screen Crop


Chell is the silent protagonist for both Valve’s Portal games, but what… some fan theories indicate that she might even be the founder’s daughter…

7. Portal 3: 10 Ways Valve can continue the story after …


Assuming Valve finally counts, what is Portal 3 going to be about and who should be in it?

8. Theory – Portal 2 Theory – Wattpad


Read Portal Theory 2 from The Theory of Matter by TrueFandomTrash with 134 reads jynx, fnaf, controversy Hello netizens and welcome TOGAME…

9. The craziest Portal 2 conspiracy theory – Zombie Outbreak


The craziest portal 2 conspiracy theory Obviously the following will contain huge spoilers for those who haven’t played Portal 2.

10. Portal: Mysterious Thoughts magical belief And the theory that inspires…

1 review

11. My Portal 2 Theory – The Escapist Magazine


As you can see, Chell was dragged away without any closure. But I still have some theories. 1. Shell is “rat-man”. Rat-man is …

12. Creepy Things We Found in Portals – Grunge


… hidden messages and gruesome theories about everyone’s favorite Companion Cube. This is the scariest thing on the portal.

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