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1. Portal 2 Endings [Spoilers] : Portal – Reddit

portal 2 ending [Spoilers] from portal

portal 2 ending [Spoilers] : Portal - Reddit

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2. Erik Wolpaw at the end of Portal 2: “the [spoiler] Probably…


… the game is over and the woman with a particularly sexy voice. Needless to say, if you haven’t played Portal 2 to the end, this is a spoiler.

3. Portal 2 Storyline | Half-Life Wiki | Fandom


Chell is flung across the room as the reactor enters its final phase. Shaking the room apart… She slammed Wheatley out into space and dragged Chell back to safety before closing the portal. Chell soon woke up in the elevator as GLaDOS, ATLAS (blue) and P-body (orange ) greet her

4. The meaning behind “Turret Opera” at the end of …


There are two main theories about the meaning of the ending … as daughters mentioned in IGN …

5. Portal 2 – Wiki Portal


This page is heavily spoilered. You can swap spoilers… Portal 2 launched on April 19, 2011 on the Steam platform, retail in the North…

6. ‘Portal 2’ writers talk about ending the ‘Half-Life’ connection.


Spoiler Alert: Valve’s Erik Wolpaw has talked about the ending of ‘Portal 2’ and the climax linked to…

7. Portal 2 – Wikipedia


Portal 2 is a platform puzzle game developed by Valve released in April 2011 for … while most of the game takes place in a modular test room with clearly defined entrances and exits, the other … the authors planned. Note that Chell will only say one word at the end. But it’s not funny enough.

8. What bothers me about the ending of Portal 2 (spoilers…


that’s not really scary At the end of the co-op story… Spoiler: Click to see …

9. Theory: Shell Dies at the End of Portal :: Portal 2 General …


Shell was shot and played a song. And you can see the companion cube in the background. Both were on the way to Elysium and …

10. Portal Ending Explained


fun fact The ending really changed. When Portal 2 was launched, the interior door was reduced in size as the roof sloped. Finally, she was…

11. Portal 2 has the sweetest ending in video game history…


That said, the ending of Portal 2 I think is quite stellar… unfortunately it only works the first time… Which is probably why it’s so good. Spoilers.

12. Never-before-seen Portal 2 • Eurogamer.net


Wheatley’s demise, other spheres, the original ending and co-op story, … Faliszek and Eric Wolpaw revealed many paths that Portal 2 didn’t take at … However, Faliszek explained that those who tested the game missed it…

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