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1. How about the other endings? : Portal – Reddit

What are the other endings like? from portal

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2. How many endings are there? :: Portal 2 General Discussions


In Portal 2 beta, there was originally a different ending at the start of the game. While you can portal up to the moon ( …

3. Switch endings? :: Portal 2 General Discussions


I watch videos on Youtube with alternate endings instead of pulling you back, GLaDOS pushes you back …

4. Alternative Ending of Portals As You Know Gaming

Alternative Ending of Portals As You Know Gaming

The Alternative Ending of Portals, as you know the gameplay… The planned alternative ending for the fan-favorite Valve title is Portal… The most radiant Pokémon card in the new Fate Set – Episode. 2

5. Portal 2 – Wiki Portal


Portal 2 launched on April 19, 2011 on the Steam platform … sucked out of the testing room and died – and it’s an endless choice of games.

6. Are there multiple endings for Portal 2’s singleplayer mode? …


There is only one ending point in the single player campaign. No other map allows any form (unless you count death as “the end”). Most…

7. Portal 2 almost had a fake ending. The multiplayer is terrible and there is no …


Portal 2 almost has a fake ending. Terrible multiplayer and no portals

8. Portal 2 – Alternate Ending – Dailymotion Video

Uploaded by ThomasinaChapin.

9. Multiple termination confirmation for Portal 2 • Eurogamer.net


Portal 2 will offer two different endings. One for solo play and one for co-op play, developer Valve has confirmed. Chat with Videogamer …

10. Never-before-seen Portal 2 • Eurogamer.net


Portal 2 that never has … Portal 2 spoilers below … They finally cut another kind of ending because it would be hard work and it felt …

11. Portal 2 alternative ended by fire-baka on deviantART… – Pinterest

… I put a lot of effort into that stupid box lol >A12. Portal 2: “The True End” | SomeOrdinaryGamers Wiki | Fandom


[Contains spoilers for Portal 2] (Sorry for any and all misspellings typed on…I played too fast for the secret that made my nerves.

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