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1. Customer Portal Login Links and Resources | McKesson

2. My Care Plus Patient Portal Offers New … – McKesson

More than 55,000 patients now use the innovative portal. This allows them to conveniently and securely access their personal health records online.

3. Make the Patient Portal Work | McKesson

How to Get Your Customers Using Your Online Portal Doug Biehn, Patient Engagement Specialist at McKesson’s RelayHealth, says better collaboration…

4. McKesson Connect > Login

Login Pharmaceutical Solutions & Services Having trouble logging in? To access login troubleshooting help, please call (855) 625-6285 to talk to …

5. Oncology Patient Portal | McKesson

Engage cancer patients in their care and improve clinical outcomes with McKesson’s online patient portal for oncology practice.

6. McKesson SupplyManager | McKesson

McKesson SupplyManager It is our integrated online ordering portal to buy your medical supplies and help you increase efficiency and save time.

7. Patient Portal Optimization | McKesson

Creating a successful patient portal for a specialist practice may seem a difficult task given the portal adoption challenges faced by providers.

8. My Care Plus patient portal has arrived … – McKesson

User friendly portal gives patients access to personal health records. Specialized Resources in Oncology and safe online information …

9. Patient Engagement Culture | McKesson

How to Cultivate a Culture of Patient Engagement, by Doug Biehn, Beyond the Patient Portal A healthcare provider organization that wants to achieve clinical success …

10. Benefits of Increasing Use of Patient Portal | McKesson

Three strategies healthcare providers and payers can use to drive greater adoption of patient portals among their customers.

11. McKesson Medical-Surgical

Every day you make a difference in a patient’s life. We want to help make that easier. From our team packing the boxes to the people bringing them to your door, we …

12. Pharmaceutical catalog and online ordering | McKesson

Medical supplies and equipment for acute care providers improve patient outcomes while supporting your business with McKesson devices and solutions. …


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