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Connection Error – Jack’d Support


If you can’t access Google or Jack’d’s site, you may not have a working data connection. Try restarting your device… Try switching to WiFi or mobile data. and then connect to Jack’d again.

Known Issues and Solutions – Jack’d Support


Common issues · Jack’d update (error 433) · Forgot profile email or password · Check system time · Connection error · SMS verification problem …

Failed to create profile (Error 400/401) – Jack’d Support


After clearing the data, try opening Jack’d and logging in or creating a profile again. Send a support request if clearing the app data doesn’t …

Update Jack’d (Error 433)


Devices with Jack’d version 6.0 or lower will no longer be able to send chat messages. You may see error 433 follow the link…

[Updated] Jack’d – Gay Chat and Dating App Not Working (down …


The Jack’d – Gay Chat & Dating server might not work and that’s causing login/account issues. Please try logging in after a few minutes.

Jack?d-Gay Chat & Dating not loading

Jack?d-Gay Chat & Dating Not Loading: Problems with Jack?d-Gay Chat & Dating

However, other problems and errors can happen which you can find in … So you should try to access the website on the internet using your browser.

Is Jackd.mobi down? – IsSiteDownRightNow.com


Can’t connect to jackd.mobi? Trying to open jackd.mobi but website is down and offline today. Check the issue below if it’s not working for anyone else…

Jack’d only works with WiFi – Apple Support Community


The problem only occurs with Jack’d 5.) The error message is that I am logged in too. “Invalid username and/or password” More or less.

Jack’d – Gay Chat and Dating Not Working / Problem for You?


We have some tips to fix not working issues, loading issues, or … How to Fix Jack’d – Gay Chat and Dating Login Issues or account related issues.

jackd login problem – loginen.com


jackd login problem … Try not to login to your account on public computers. Especially related to money … https://support.jackd.com/hc/en-us/articles/…

Check jackd.mobi status now! – WebsiteDown.info


Having trouble loading jackd.mobi? If you notice that jackd is not working or get the error message unable to connect to jackd, then you’ve come to the right place.

Jack Down? Jack’d Status and Reported Issues – SaaSHub


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