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Want to know more about Ethiopian food? Ethiopian cuisine is not so famous around the world, but clearly deserves more attention due to its good and delicious cuisine.

Ethiopian food consists of a lot of vegetables, marinated meat and a delicious creamy stew, also known in the country as “wat”. Below you can read more about Ethiopian cuisine and its traditional dishes.


If you love meat, you must try the local food of Tibs. It is a dish made of meat, which is cut into small pieces and fried in oil with onions.

It’s a classic when it comes to Ethiopian food, so be sure to try tibes when you’re in the country.

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It is a traditional dish that not all people who visit Ethiopia like. Tere siga means “raw meat” and this is what the dish contains.

Tere siga is raw meat that is cut into pieces and served with sauce.

It is one of the few Ethiopian dishes that is eaten with cutlery. they have a ritual What is called a “couvert” is where the meat is cut, which is a large part of the meal.

Be careful if you want to taste this food in Ethiopia because there is a risk of getting sick from raw meat. There is a small risk of Salmonella and tapeworm, which are not so much fun to deal with.

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A popular breakfast dish is fatira, which is a pancake with scrambled eggs and honey.

It is a popular dish in Ethiopia to eat during Eid-ul-Fitr, the holiday that ends the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.


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Shiro is a delicious and spicy stew that can be eaten by vegetarians. It is made from a mixture of chickpeas, beans, lentils and berbere, which is made from about 16 different spices. In some recipes, onion, garlic, tomato, chili and ginger are also added to the recipe.

Like many other traditional Ethiopian dishes, this dish is best served with a nice injera bread.

Ethiopian food


Beyainatu means “a little bit of everything” and consists of several different vegetarian dishes served on injera bread.

When you order this dish, you usually get a variety of vegetables, potatoes, curries, masoor Dal and more.

Bayanatu is served on a large plate to be shared with friends and family. Food is eaten by hand with the help of rats.



Tihlo is a specialty in the Tigre region. You could say that Ethiopian is the equivalent of Swiss fondue.

Tihalo consists of small balls made of barley flour. You put the dough balls on skewers and dip them in the spicy pot.


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laki tibs

Yasa tibs are made from pieces of fish marinated with a mixture of berbere spice and lime juice. The fish is then fried in sesame oil with olive oil, paprika, garlic and ginger.

This is a really nice and delicious Ethiopian dish that you must try if you are a fish lover.

Ethiopian asa


Injera is a very important ingredient in Ethiopian cuisine. It is a flat sourdough bread made from fermented teff flour.

It is the bread served with most dishes in Ethiopia. If you order a dish, it’s almost obvious that it will be served with injera bread.



Kitfo consists of minced meat and is one of the most popular dishes in the country. It is a dish that is usually eaten on special occasions and with family and friends.

The meat is usually served raw or slightly cooked (called leb leb). But you can also ask if you can eat “betum leb leb” food, which means it needs to be cooked more.

In any case, the meat is marinated in a chili spice mixture with salty and spicy butter “neeter kibbe”. It is usually served with boiled spinach “gomen” and a cheese called “aib”.


Enkulal Fly

Enkulal Phirfir is one Ethiopian breakfast dish you don’t want to miss during your trip.

It is scrambled eggs made with eggs, spicy Ethiopian butter (nitre kibe), chili, chili, tomatoes and onions. The mixture is served with fresh bread, which is usually freshly baked in the morning.

Enkulal Fly

doro wat

Doro Wat is a chicken stew that is very good and tasty. The pad has chicken, eggs, onions, berbere spice mix and Ethiopian butter.

It is one of the must eats in Ethiopia. It’s surprisingly good.

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More about Ethiopian food

Ethiopian food is usually served on a large plate with a variety of dishes meant to be shared with friends and family. In Ethiopia, eating together is a big part of the culture.

It is common to see people feeding each other bread and food with their hands, which is called “gursha”. Taking time from your side to feed your loved one is a big part of their food culture, which is quite interesting to see when visiting Ethiopia.

Do you eat with your hands in Ethiopia?

Yes, you are eating traditional Ethiopian food by hand in Ethiopia. You tear off a piece of the injera bread that you use to take your food, and then eat it in your mouth.

Ethiopian food

What spices are used in Ethiopian cuisine?

The most common spice in Ethiopian cuisine is berbere, a mixture of 16 different spices. This spice mix includes garlic, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, chili powder and fenugreek.

It is a great blend of spices that gives great flavor to Ethiopian food.


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