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Who doesn’t love cars When it comes to owning the car of their dreams it is still a dream for many people. My Summer Car Apk is a real life simulator game in which you have the freedom to engineering and operate your car as a mechanic and save your time throughout the game.

my summer car APK

The plot of the game takes place in a village in Finland in 1995 where your (player’s) parents leave you home alone in the summer and you are left with them with a note saying that by tuning your dad’s car Enjoy your summer and don’t drink beer.

This is a real life simulator game in which you have to survive the summer alone. The game is hard to play because when it starts you have no guide no instructions how you will deal with your car.

There are different characters in the game that have different lifestyles and jobs and behaviors. The more you play the game the more you get to know the characters and how to deal with them.

This is a real life simulator which means you have to do some work and earn money to survive. Every action you take will directly affect your player’s life in the game so act accordingly.

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Shape 62 MB
latest version 4.0
handling system Android
modified 5 November 2022
ratings 4+
cost free
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my summer car APK

my summer car APK

My Summer APK is a tough life simulation game. It is more of a technical game than just a simulation. Your main objective in the game is to survive the summer time in your village when your parents left you home alone with your father’s car with malt, some sausage and 3000 game money.

You can collect the damaged cars and take them to the dealer with the help of your uncle’s van. You can also do some daily tasks to earn some money like you can transport wood to the village or you can tune your car and participate in the races going on. It all depends on you how you play the game.

At the top is a player attribute bar that shows hunger, health, energy levels, etc. If you drink too much beer you will get sick. You need to earn money to eat food if you don’t die you will die. Similarly, you get utility bills, if you don’t pay, your electricity will be cut.

You can also modify your father’s car that you initially found in the garage. It sounds simple enough but it is not as it seems. You have to put a lot of sweat and mind into tuning your car.


Talking about My Summer Car APK, you will find solid and challenging gameplay with some exciting features.

assembling your car

My Summer Car gives you complete freedom to assemble your car as you wish. Hundreds of parts are available for you to modify your car. All you have to do is figure out how to do this by playing the game yourself.

real driving simulation

Whatever car you drive in this game will give you a realistic driving experience whether it is a truck transporting the jungle or your van to drive across the city, the driving mechanics are real.

daily jobs

You have to survive on your own in My Summer Car APK, for this reason, you are provided with the option to perform several random tasks in the city. Jobs are most important because they are your way of covering the expenses of your food, fuel and utility bills.

racing event

If doing random tasks gets you tired, you can participate in rallies and races with your modified car, in which you feel some thrill and adventure.

viewing angle

My Summer Car has different viewing camera angles. This way you can drive and monitor your car well. This feature helps you to improve your driving skills.

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My Summer Car APK is a fun, challenging real life simulation game that tests your driving and survival skills. If you are intelligent and brave enough to take risks and survive till the end then this game is for you. Once you collect your broken car you can make your way through the village and do cool activities as it is in the late 90s summer.

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