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Danish food dates back to the Viking Age and is usually made from local ingredients. Danish traditional dishes are good and filling and offer interesting flavors.

Below you can read more about Danish cuisine and some of Denmark’s traditional dishes.

apple pork

It is one of Denmark’s most famous dishes made of apples, pork, butter and sugar. The food has been eaten in the country since the 19th century and is popular among locals and tourists alike.

Ableflask tastes great and is also a filling dish. Definitely a must to get a taste for Danish food!

red sausage

Rød Plse is a must try in Denmark as it is one of the most popular street foods in the country. This dish means red sausage in Swedish and is simply a red sausage that you eat with bread, mustard, ketchup and roasted onions.

It’s not just the color that makes this sausage unique, but also the way you eat it. Unlike in Sweden, where we eat sausage in bread, you dip the bread and sausage separately in ketchup, mustard and roasted onion.

Danish food


Another traditional Danish dish is Honskodsuppe. A soup made from chicken broth, vegetables and small pork or beef fillets.

This is both healthy and delicious soup from Denmark!



This is probably the cuisine for which Denmark is internationally known. In short, a smørrebrød is a small sandwich with different fillings.

Danish rye bread is mainly used to make smørrebrød, and common toppings include fish, meat, vegetables, herbs and a thin layer of sauce.

In the old days, it was a treat for the poor when they put in the leftovers. Today it is one of the most popular dishes in the country, eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Danish food

Roast pork with parsley sauce and potatoes

Many consider fried pork with parsley sauce and potatoes to be the national dish of Denmark. It is a great dish that offers a lot of flavor and is loved by both locals and tourists visiting Denmark.

As the name suggests, the dish includes potatoes, fried pork and parsley sauce.

Danish national law

Medister sausage

Another Danish sausage dish popular in Denmark is meisterpoles. It is a thick sausage made from lard, pork, onion and cloves.

Medisterpølse is usually served with mashed potatoes, pickles and parsley.

Danish food

fried pork

Flæskesteg is a much-loved traditional dish from Denmark. It is simply roasted pork that is added to many local dishes. The meat is crispy, salty and has a lovely bay leaf scent.

In addition to being used in many local dishes, floskasteg is also served on Danish Christmas tables and Christmas markets.

Danish food


Frikadeller are Danish meatballs made from pork, egg, milk, onion and flour. But sometimes they can also be made from beef.

Meatballs are fried in oil or butter and served with potatoes and parsley sauce or remoulade sauce.

danish fricadeller

Burning love

Brndende Kærlighed means burning love in Swedish and is usually eaten on Valentine’s Day.

This is a traditional Danish dish made with bacon and mashed potatoes. This is a great dish full of great flavors!

Burning love


It is a classic Danish dish consisting of pork marinated in cream and fried in butter. The food is usually served with mushrooms, fried onions, salad and potatoes.

When it comes to Danish food, Morbradboffer is a must try!


More about Danish cuisine

Danish cuisine is old and dates back to the Viking era. Many traditional dishes include warm meat dishes and potatoes to help protect the locals from the cold weather.

In Denmark, people usually eat three meals a day. You start with breakfast (Morganmaid), then lunch (Breakfast) and dinner (Dinner). Some people also eat snacks (breakfast) during the day.

Many Danish dishes have pork in their recipes, which is Denmark’s most popular meat. Another interesting fact is that Denmark is one of the countries in the world that consumes the most pork.

What is the Danish national law?

Many Danes have roast pork with parsley sauce and potatoes, according to the Danish national dish.

Danish desserts to taste:

  • Apple slices
  • Mardi Gras pullat
  • Cinnamon Snails – Cinnamon buns
  • cream balls
  • Danish

Danish sweets

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