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Want to know more about Colombian food? Colombian cuisine has many good dishes to taste.

On offer is everything from good meat and bread to snacks and warming soups. Below is a list of 10 traditional Colombian foods, along with more information about Colombian cuisine.

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Bandeja paisa is considered the national dish of Colombia and consists of rice, red beans, chorizo, minced meat, avocado, egg, morchila, chicharrón, arepa and banana.

When it comes to Colombian food, Bandeja Paisa is a must try. it’s really good!


Arepa is a flat roti made of corn flour, which is round in shape. The bread is usually served with various toppings and toppings.

There are arepa con queso (with cheese), arepa de huevos (with egg) and arepa boyenses (a traditional version filled with cheese from the Boyac√° region).


chicken rice

Arroz con pollo is a true classic in Colombian cuisine. It is a dish consisting of seasoned rice, chicken and various vegetables.

Besides being one of Colombia’s most popular dishes, arroz con pollo is commonly eaten in many other South American countries as well as Spain.

Colombian rice with chicken

frying pan

Fritanga is simply a plate filled with grilled meat. When you order a fritanga in Colombia, it’s usually a mix of fried banana and potatoes, along with chicken, beef, and pork.

This food is not eaten with cutlery, but is eaten with a toothpick for biting.

frying pan

fried ghost

Carne Oreda comes from the mountainous areas of Santander. It is a dish where beef is marinated in various spices and dried in the sun.

It resembles beef jerky from American cuisine.

fried ghost

Colombian Empanadas

A typical Colombian empanada is filled with beef, chicken or cheese, along with rice and cilantro. It’s really good and something you have to taste at least once during your land trip.

Unlike empanadas in Argentinian cuisine where they are baked, Colombian empanadas are fried.

Colombian Empanadas


Around the mountainous areas near Bogota, ajiaco is a popular place to eat. It is a delicious and hot soup made from corn, chicken and local potatoes.

It is common for the soup to be served with a large piece of bone-in chicken, as well as corn on the cob.



For those who like fish and shellfish, I can recommend Trucha. It is trout that Colombians like to marinate and fry or grill with local spices.

Trucha tastes good and is usually served with grilled plantain and pepitoria sauce.

Colombian cuisine

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A very popular dish in Colombian restaurants is chuletta valuna. It is a dish made from pork that is marinated, breaded and fried.

The meat is served with rice. Sometimes also salads, fried kokabana, cassava and bean stew.

Colombian cuisine


Another good Colombian soup is sancocho, a popular dish throughout the country. It is made of large pieces of chicken, corn on the cob, cassava and banana.

The soup is usually served with a spicy salsa de hirbas sauce.

Colombian cuisine

More about Colombian cuisine

Colombian cuisine offers a unique blend of both local and European traditions with strong Afro-Caribbean influences.

Colombian cuisine varies greatly from region to region. Most of the region is heavily influenced by indigenous Colombian, African and Spanish cuisines. But some areas also have a little influence from Arabic cuisine.

Common ingredients in Colombian cuisine include rice, corn, potatoes, cassava, and meats such as chicken, beef, pork, goat, fish, and shellfish.

They also eat a lot of fruit in Colombia. Favorites in Colombian cuisine include papaya, guava, feijoa, dragon fruit, passion fruit, mangosteen, gooseberry and blackberry.

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