Do you want to cook Argentinian food? Argentina is a wonderful country when it comes to food, as it offers a wide variety of fine cuisine.

Empanadas, chimichurri and asado are probably Argentina’s most famous dishes, but Argentine food really has a lot more to offer.

Below is a list of 10 Argentinian dishes that you can try on your next trip or make at home to refresh your palate.


Chimichurri is not a dish, but a sauce/salsa that is very important in Argentinian cuisine.

Salsa contains parsley, oregano, onion, garlic, chili flakes, olive oil and lemon or vinegar. This is a really good salsa that goes well with grilled meat.


Choripan is a type of fast food in Argentina consisting of a baguette stuffed with chorizo ​​and chimichurri.

It is a real classic in the country, commonly bought at sporting events and various parties.



When it comes to Argentinian food, empanadas are a must-try. It is a dough knot with a filling in the shape of a crescent moon.

Empanadas can have a salty or sweet filling. Common empanada fillings include chicken, beef, spinach, corn, and cheese.

Argentinian cuisine


Asado is an Argentinian BBQ where different meats are grilled on a grill and over an open fire. Popular asado meats are pork, chicken and various sausages.

A traditional asado uses a parilla grill, which is perfect for grilling meat. The meat becomes really tender, juicy and tasty.

When it comes to Argentinian food, asado is a must try. After all, it is the national law of Argentina.



Provoletta is a dish made from grilled provolone, which is an Italian cheese. Chili flakes and oregano are put on top of the cheese and grilled.

Paneer is cooked in a special frying pan, which gives it a special taste and creamy texture. Served with olive oil on top, provolone is a popular side dish with Argentinian asadas.


Carbonada in Pumpkin

Carbonada en zaplo is an Argentinian stew served in a pumpkin. The stew consists of beef, various vegetables, potatoes and spices.

This is a slightly different but fun dish in Argentina.

Argentinian cuisine

matembre arolado

Matambre arrollado is a meat dish usually filled with a hard-boiled egg, carrots and lots of black pepper. However, the content may vary slightly by region.

The filling and meat are rolled and then boiled in water or milk, but sometimes they are roasted in the oven. After the meat is cooked and cooled slightly, it is cut into thin slices.

Matambre arrollado is a very popular dish in Argentina and is usually served for lunch.

matembre arolado

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If you love corn, Humita is a must try. Humita is made from milk and cornmeal. Onions, spices and goat cheese are commonly used for seasoning.

The dough is folded into corn leaves and boiled or steamed before serving.

It is a common breakfast in Argentina, but it can also be eaten as a main course. Hamita is also a common filling in Argentinian empanadas.



Fena is a unique flat bread made from chickpea flour, black pepper and fresh spices. It is a very popular bread in Argentina, but also in Uruguay.

It is commonly served on pizza in Argentina.



Milanesa is an Argentinian schnitzel usually made from beef or chicken. The meat is dipped in egg and covered in breadcrumbs and fried or fried.

Before serving, add parsley and a slice of lemon on top of the schnitzel. Food is usually eaten with rice, potatoes, salad or tomatoes. Milanesa can also be served with melted cheese.

Argentinian cuisine

More Argentinian food

Food is a huge part of Argentinian culture where they have many different food traditions. Argentinian cuisine has influences from Italian, Native American and Spanish cuisine.

In Argentinian cuisine, they use a lot of beef in their dishes. The average Argentinian eats 70 kilos of beef, which is much more than the average in Sweden, where an average of 25 kilos of beef is eaten.

Argentinians are very fond of food. When they meet and socialize, it often centers around food. They like to meet for dinner, and Sunday family lunch is considered the most important day of the week.

Argentinian drink to taste:

  • yerba mate
  • Argentinian Malbec (win)
  • El Submarine (Hot Chocolate)
  • inexplicable
  • distance


Argentinian desserts to taste:

  • caramel sauce
  • Caramel cookies
  • flan
  • medialunas
  • fried pasta
  • baked cake
  • cupcakes
  • chocolate pie

Caramel cookies

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