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American food is known and loved all over the world for its fine cuisine. Mac and Cheese, Hamburger, Poke Bowl, Pulled Pork and American Pancake are a few popular American dishes.

Below is a list of 15 traditional American dishes that you can try or make at home on your next trip.

macaroni and cheese

Macaroni and cheese, also known as mac ‘n’ cheese, is a very popular dish in the United States. This dish is made with macaroni and cheese sauce.

If you like pasta and cheese, this dish is one to try. If you make mac and cheese with good ingredients, it turns out really good!

Chicken and waffles

It might sound like a really weird combination of foods, but it’s actually not that bad. This dish consists of an American waffle topped with fried chicken and syrup.

When it comes to American food, the chicken and waffles is worth a try. This is a true classic in the US.

chicken waffles

lobster roll

The lobster roll comes from the state of Maine and consists of a sausage roll filled with lobster meat and mayonnaise sauce.

Of all the American foods, this is clearly one of my favorites. It’s really good and fresh!

American food

Cobb salad

Bob Cobb invented the Cobb salad in 1937. He wanted to make a salad from leftovers in the refrigerator into a salad that included lettuce, avocado, tomato, cold chicken, hard-boiled egg, watercress, chives, cheese and French dressing. ,

He also added bacon to the recipe and it quickly became an American favorite.

Cobb salad

Buffalo wings

When it comes to American food, buffalo wings are a must try. Buffalo wings originated in New York and have been a national favorite since 1964.

It’s fried chicken wings dipped in a delicious and spicy sauce made from vinegar, melted butter, and cayenne pepper.

Traditionally, buffalo wings are served with a sauce made from celery sticks and blue cheese. However, ranch dressing is the most popular sauce for buffalo wings in the United States.

Buffalo wings


Who doesn’t love a good cheeseburger? The cheeseburger is said to have been invented in the 1920s by a young chef at The Right Spot in Pasadena, California. He burned the burger and covered his mistake with cheese.

However, there are those who say that the cheeseburger was invented elsewhere in the United States.

A cheeseburger is simply a regular hamburger served with melted cheese on top of the meat. The cheese used often varies between Cheddar, Swiss, Pepper Jack or blue cheese.

american cheeseburger

put in a bowl

The Poke Bowl originated in Hawaii, USA and is now a huge favorite around the world. A traditional poke bowl contains raw fish, Hawaiian salt, Maui onions, seaweed, lime, soy sauce, scallions, sesame oil and kukui nuts.

Nowadays, there are different types of poke bowls, most of which are served with rice, raw fish, and various toppings such as edamame beans, vegetables, tofu, fruit, kimchi, mushrooms, seaweed, and various sauces.

put in a bowl

Hot dog

It was a Polish immigrant named Nathan Handwerker who made the hot dog iconic in the United States. He started holding the International Hot Dog Eating Contest at his hot dog stand in Coney Island on July 4th (US Independence Day) in 1916. A tradition that lives on to this day.

Hot dogs include hot dogs, sausages and toppings such as ketchup, mustard, onions, cheese and sauerkraut.

Hot dog

corn sausages

For those of you who love American hot dogs, I can highly recommend the Corn Dog Tasting. A corn dog is a sausage on a skewer that is rolled in cornmeal and deep-fried.

It is a very popular fast food in the United States and can be found in most parts of the country.

corn dog


Jerky is not really a dish, but a snack in America that contains a lot of protein.

The word jerky comes from the old Quechua word “cherki”, which means dry salted meat, which describes jerky well.

There are different types of jerky, including beef (beef), turkey jerky (turkey), chicken jerky (chicken), and Buffalo jerky (buffalo). You can buy it salted or seasoned with various spices and seasonings.



Jambalaya is a popular Louisiana dish consisting of shrimp, sausage, vegetables, rice and various spices.

There are two different variations of this dish, the main difference being that the recipe uses tomatoes. Creole jambalaya contains tomatoes and Cajun jambalaya is not made with tomatoes.

Either way, no matter what version you taste or make, it’s going to be good!

American food

crab cakes

Crab cakes come from Maryland, USA and are a type of fish cake. They are made from crab meat and other ingredients, such as mayonnaise, mustard, eggs, breadcrumbs and various spices.

Some of the most common crab cake tasting areas in the US are Maryland and Virginia.

crab cakes

clam chowder

Mussel soup is a creamy soup made from mussels. There are two different versions of clam cheese, one from New England and the other from Manhattan, New York.

New England clam chowder is made with potatoes, onions, milk or cream, and sometimes salt pork. The dish is very creamy and its color is white.

Another variety, Manhattan Clam Chowder, has a red color that comes from the tomatoes used in the recipe. Different vegetables such as carrot, celery, onion and garlic are also added to the soup to add flavor.

New England Clam Chowder

suckling pig

Pulled pork comes from North Carolina in the United States and is a very popular dish in the country. Pulled pork consists of pork that has been cooked for a long time at low heat. The meat is also smoked, which makes the meat very juicy, tasty and tender.

The name “pulled pork” comes from the fact that the meat is usually separated with a fork after cooking. The meat can be served as is or on bread, e.g. with sandwiches or hamburgers.

suckling pig

American pancakes

American pancakes are a popular breakfast food in the United States. Unlike Swedish pancakes, American pancakes are much thicker and smaller and are served with butter and syrup.

The ingredients also vary because American pancakes are made from the recipe’s baking powder. Baking powder makes the pancakes a little thicker.

I’ve eaten American pancakes with my family in New York at different restaurants in the US and even made pancakes myself at home in Sweden – it’s just as good every time!

American food

More about American cuisine

American Cuisine is often associated with fast food because some of the world’s largest fast food chains are American. But American food is actually more than just hamburgers, mac and cheese, and hot dogs.

American cuisine has many influences from different cultures from Europe, Africa, Mexico and Asia.

Common ingredients in American food include beef, turkey, shellfish, tomatoes, corn, squash, pecans, and sweet potatoes.

American desserts to taste:

  • smores
  • it’s broken
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • pecan
  • Bananas Foster
  • Boston Chocolate Cream Pie
  • american apple pie
  • cheesecake
  • chess pie
  • brownies
  • Fried Alaska


American drinks to taste:

  • shake
  • egg cream
  • old fashioned (drink)
  • Manhattan (drinks)
  • White Russian (drink)
  • muna toddy
  • Date Shake (shake made from dates)

american milkshake

Do you have more questions about American cuisine? Please leave a comment!

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